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International Targeting Organisation

Are you a student living and studying abroad?

Do you want to get a head start in the employment race?

We have an extensive list of employers in every industry at our finger tips. For years we have been helping students studying abroad to circulate their resumes prior to their graduation. This enables the student to get a ďleg upĒ in gaining meaningful employment almost immediately out of university.

A student studying abroad will forward a copy of their resume to us via Fax or Email. We duplicate the resume and prepare it for mailing. Itís that simple!

Customers have the option to select the industry and amount of recipients that they would like their resume to be sent to. Prices are bases on the number of recipients and the cost of printing is included in the overall price.

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Itís never too early to get on the employment ladder!

International Ticketing Organisation

Fed up marking your lottery tickets by hand?

Send us your numbers and we will print them directly on lottery slips and return them to you. Our software ensures there are no errors or duplicate numbers.

Who uses our service?

  • Players that are fed up with the time-consuming and tedious task of marking dozens or even hundreds of slips by hand.
  • Syndicates and groups of players that play a thousand or more picks at a time.

Not only will we print your selections effortlessly and quickly BUT keep in mind that we also print the numbers accurately, with no chance of mistakes brought on by user inattention or fatigue.

  • We can print tickets for ANY lottery
  • We can accept ANY file format (text file, word, excel, wordperfect etc.)
  • We can print ANY quantity from 100's to 1,000,000's
  • We can automatically generate "quickpicks"
  • 100% accuracy guaranteed
  • We can automatically generate your numbers if using a "System"
  • Our software automatically checks your tickets for winnings

Specialising in EuroMillions, Irish, UK and many other lotteries

For a FREE quote or for further information go to the Contact Us or Request a Quote page.